Web and Email hosting

With our affordable email and webhosting services we provide 100% availability through cloud based hosting. You can rest assure that your website will always be available and your emails won’t be discarded due to an offline server.


Cloud Hosting

With cloud computing the possibilities are endless when it comes to necessary resources at a fraction of the price of onsite physical hardware and maintenance required. We offer some of the best hosted cloud solutions that caters for the client’s specific needs. Guaranteeing 99.99% availability uptime and if required, real-time backups of the whole server system.


Desktop Support

We offer top class desktop support to corporate clients as well as small and medium sized businesses. Assisting the end users with all of their IT requirements. This support is not limited to just one operating system, it includes support for Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as Linux and Mac operating systems.


Server Support

Providing exceptional server support to ensure that the client has the highest availability rate of their system and needed services. We specialise in Linux, Microsoft, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Mikrotik servers to cater for a wide variety of needs.


Network Support

ProDev Technologies also specialises in network support and network services such as

  • Network installations and repairs/li>
  • Troubleshooting of networks
  • Server room setups
  • Wireless Networks
  • Firewalls
  • FTP and File Sharing
  • HTTP, HTTPS and Domain registration
  • Telnet and SSH
  • Shaping and Throttling
  • Source NAT
  • Destination NAT
  • Packet filtering
  • DNS , Qos, SAN, VLAN and DHCP

Network Security

We provide some of the best security solutions for wired and wireless networks making use of OpenBSD and FreeBSD firewalls and Mikrotik routers.